Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Mummy dish day

While the school holidays are on, Blue Dragon staff are organising lots of extra activities for the kids who are coming to hang out at our centre.

The challenge is to not just organise fun games, but to make sure the kids are learning along the way... and that's not just 'school learning', but also life skills, and learning about nutrition and health.

One of the coolest activities running at the moment is "Mummy dish day," which is being held every Friday afternoon. One of our social workers, Phuong, has been organising this: it's an event just for the kids with disabilities, who we don't see much of during the school year as they're all off at special schools and facilities.

"Mummy dish day" is a chance for one parent each week to come along and teach the children how to make one or two dishes. Last Friday the kids were making che when I walked in - a sweet liquid dessert famous in Vietnam - and without a doubt, the eating was at least as much fun as the cooking.

The pictures below show some of the kids learning with a mum (in the black shirt). Such a simple activity, but a great way to help the disabled kids develop some skills while also giving their parents a chance to shine!



vietnam resorts said...

"Che" is sweet and i love it alot.
Have you ever try "Che Hue", there even is "Royal Che" which is served the King only.
Anyways, Mummy Dish Day is such a nice event.

Mosher said...

Hey Mike - I'm still reading, just not had much time to reply to blog posts. Excellent news on discovering that factory a couple of posts ago and the picture of the girl in the wheelchair at Ha Long was beautiful.

Look forward to catching up with you all in a few weeks!