Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Exam time!

Year 12 exams have started throughout Vietnam this morning - first exam is literature, commencing 7.30 am! (Who sets an exam for 7.30 am??)

There are lots of Blue Dragon kids in Year 12 this year - about 35 I think! - so we've had a few stressed teenagers around the place recently.

From our Hanoi centre, some of the kids sitting for their exams today are:

Hanh - our 'resident artist' whose paintings feature on the gift cards we sell at Christmas

Chinh - a former shoeshine boy who has lived in our residence for several years

Ngoc - the singer and dancer who was stabbed in late 2007 but made an extraordinary comeback

Hieu - a very bright girl with cerebral palsy, who has defied the odds to stay at school and do extremely well

There are 2 exams per day for 3 days, so come Thursday night it will be all over. Then the study for uni entrance exams will begin...



Terynn said...

Good luck to the Blue Dragon students!! I hope they are able to really show what they know!

Anonymous said...

ooh All the best of luck to the young ones. Have they been eating beans and avoiding eggs and bananas? ;)
Geez I still remembering sitting these exams, NOT fun at all! But they're over really fast.
Good luck kiddos!

Mosher said...

This time next year I'll likely be in the same boat. I have an interview for a teacher training course for which I have to do a five-minute presentation on anything - as long as I can engage the listener and it's a subject about which I'm passionate.

So I'm doing it about BDCF.

After all, if it wasn't for my experience with the kids there I doubt I'd even be interested in doing the course in the first place.

Best of luck to all of them, though I doubt they'll need it!

www.vinaminh.com said...

I am so proud of you guys! Cant wait to see you all.

Shaz said...

All the best kids!