Friday, March 06, 2009

From afar...

I'm in Australia now, here to attend some events for Blue Dragon. Strange to be here - everything seems so quiet, and clean, and well organised... I really feel out of place!

Back in Vietnam, our staff are working out how to locate the 4 missing children who I wrote about in the last 2 blogs. We're not going to give up on them. We are getting some information through our networks - we know they're safe, at least, which is something. But they need to be home with their families, not slaving away in factories against their will.

And a quick note: we've created a new webpage for Blue Dragon. Go check it out here - - and let us know what you think. (Oh, and drop us a line if you see any errors! It really is brand spanking new!)



Anonymous said...

Woh Mike! So you're back in Oz! how long are you staying? Any chance for a quick trip to Melbourne (aka Land of the Crazy Weather)?
Mr. Mosher of the 1000 mile walk is also here! You guys should meet up in Sydney.
Wouldn't be great to have a little BD get together?! hmm...

Loving the new site! very sleek!

cindy said...

enjoy the warm weather.