Thursday, February 26, 2009

Go, Oscar, go!

How cool is this...

UNIS school in Hanoi has organised a walkathon on Friday 27th to raise money for the Blue Dragon kids.

One of the keenest walkers, a 4 year old named Oscar, has posted a movie on YouTube to appeal for sponsorship. (Well, OK, I think his mum helped with some of it).

Check it out here!

We'll be cheering for you, Oscar!



Anonymous said...

Aww little Othcar, you're the champion! I hope you'll raith loth & loth of munnie for Blue Dwagon!

It's the walkathon today! Have fun little one. :)

Mosher said...

Hehe - there seems to be a bit of a walking "theme" with Blue Dragon these days.. *ahem* ;)