Monday, December 01, 2008

Smiles in Hue

My silence over the last 2 weeks has simply been because of all the busy-ness of Blue Dragon... so I will start off with some happy news!

One of the Blue Dragon staff, Van, has just been in Hue (in central Vietnam) where we work in 3 villages that have been the source-site of child trafficking for some years. Our work involves taking the kids away from the traffickers, getting the kids home, and helping them return to a normal life.

Last week, while Van was visiting the families and finding out about any kids who have recently been trafficked, he had the pleasure of distributing some donations that were given to us by Crocs in Singapore. Dozens of kids received Crocs shoes and shirts - and they sure looked happy about it!

Some pics below to tell the story...

This young guy lives in a tent on the beach. We rescued him from a factory in Ho Chi Minh City a few months ago.

The entire community came to see what all the excitement was about when Van was distributing the shoes and clothes.

Some very happy girls and boys showing off their new possessions!