Sunday, October 12, 2008

2 homes needed - urgent!

There's a lot of bad news around lately, but Blue Dragon has some urgent needs to meet that won't cost $700 bn...

Two families in Hue are having a crisis of their own: homelessness. Each family consists of two sons and a mother; and each lost their house in a storm. The first family (below) owns their own land, but are living in a tin shack which will be freezing this winter and has been unbearably hot all summer.

The second family (below) is one that I have written about previously. One of the sons was trafficked to Ho Chi Minh City, but we helped him come home in August. This family is living in a tent on the beach; their living conditions are just extraordinary.

We're estimating that each family needs about $2500 to rebuild their home, connect the electricity, dig a well, and get some basic furniture. I don't to like use the blog in this way too often... but if you can help with even just a part of this, please let me know:
If you want to do this in somebody else's name, Blue Dragon can send your friend or family member a picture of the home that they have helped build... could be a cool Christmas present.

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Anonymous said...

dear Michael,
i've "lifted" this whole entry and put it on my blog. Easier to rub it in my friends' faces that way. If it's not ok with you, pls let me know and I'll reduce it to just a link.
you'll hear from me soon.
hugs to you and all the kids.