Saturday, July 05, 2008

This is not goodbye

One of Blue Dragon’s longest serving staff members is leaving!

Tung was volunteering with Blue Dragon even before we were Blue Dragon. Back in early 2003, when the idea of forming a charity to help street kids was just beginning, Tung was a friend who was available to help with absolutely anything.

Two years later, he joined us full time as a social worker (when we finally had some money to hire social workers!) and has been with us ever since.

Tung has been with Blue Dragon through all the ups and downs: the start of the Big Room; urgent trips to rescue staff who were stranded while rescuing trafficked kids; the opening of each of our drop in centers; and every single week through all this he has been a referee at our Sunday soccer games.

Tung has been more than a staff member; he’s been a one-man institution. Other organisations have recognized this, and tried to steal him from us… but failed. Tung’s heart has long been in returning to university and completing a masters degree in economics.

That’s a far cry from being a social worker – but Tung really is a versatile kind of guy.

So we’ve had a farewell, we’ve given him some gifts, and won’t be in at the drop in centre on Monday. But this is not goodbye. Tung still plans to join in the weekly soccer, and has already put his hand up to help with our summer swimming classes.

Tung oi, you’ll always be a part of our family. Good luck with your studies, but don’t forget to come and hang out at Blue Dragon from time to time!
Pictured below: Tung is wearing the white shirt.


Anonymous said...

Tung oi,
My most memorable working time during 7 years of work so far was 8-months as social worker with you
Good luck with your study and career

Mosher said...

Mike, I'm hoping to get to Hanoi around the 23rd depending on transport and so on. I won't have anywhere near as long to spend as I'd hoped as I have to return to Bangkok for an optical checkup (jad an operation last week), but hope that Tung will be around on one of the days I m there!