Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy first birthday

Blue Dragon has a lot of birthdays to celebrate in the month of May!

Last week, two boys who both happen to live in our residences had a birthday on the same day. Hieu turned 15 and Cuong turned 17. So as is our custom, we threw a party (two parties, in fact) to celebrate.

What was really special, though, was that neither of these kids had ever had a birthday party before.

It's hard to imagine growing up without ever receiving gifts and singing the Happy Birthday song... Such a small event in the course of world events, and yet so important to these terrific young guys.


Anonymous said...

oh Yay! Happy birthday to the boys! It goes to show just how much we, the "luckier" ones, take for granted. A simple birthday party with friends, cake & candles... :(

I can only imagine the smiles on everyone's face. Sounds like you guys had a smashing time. Photos please!
Although I cringe just thinking of the birthday song, there's something about it... hehe. Did you guys sing it in Vietnamese too? If I'd been there I'd have yelled out the silly version instead, "happy birthday to you, you live in a zoo..." You should teach the kids that one, Michael. Much cooler!

Agung said...

Happy Birthday to the boys too.