Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rugby and Cheerleading

Last time I wrote about Blue Dragon kids learning to play rugby (see here), some friends from England seemed less than impressed that I referred to it as an Australian sport.

So, to clarify, I didn't mean to imply that the games STARTED in Australia; just that Australia thrashes England mercilessly every time we play. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

And there may come a day that when Vietnam has its own rugby team - our kids are really getting into the game now! Last weekend we took part in our first tournament, and did pretty well even though we didn't win the trophy (blast those French!)

When we first started to play, both girls and boys wanted to learn; but now with all of the tackling and grabbing and throwing to the ground, the girls just aren't so keen. They do want to be involved, though, so we have started a cheerleading squad... possibly the first in Vietnam?? (If anyone knows of any other cheerleaders in Vietnam, please let me know!)

Here are some pics... Blue Dragon players are in black.


Mosher said...

*cough*World Cup 2003*cough*

*cough*World Cup 2007*cough*

And one may ask when Australia were last top of the IRB world rankings. Oh. Wait. You never have been.

Not that I actually *like* rugby. But it is fun baiting the Aussies ;)

Caitlin said...


How about touch? - fun for all the family.

I know 'save the cheerleader, save the world' and all that. But do we really need to introduce cheerleading to Vietnam?!

Mosher said...

I'm guessing Caitlin didn't make the cheerleading squad in school then? ;)

mc said...

love the last pic, the intensity and focus..pretty awesome... now strangely enough aussie mike has the kids wearing 'all black' :D

i'm sure it was a great game and the kids looked as though they had a great time :)

Dennis said...

How long before an Asian country gives England or Australia a run for their money?

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