Saturday, July 21, 2007


It's Saturday... and that means rollerskating!

Not me, though. The kids.

Blue Dragon has a couple of residential homes; the bigger of the two is home to about 12-15 boys and girls. On the weekends, the kids have some spending money for group activities, and most of the time they use it for skating. I like to go along, but I prefer to sit and watch... and have millions of minor heart attacks every time one of the boys tries out a new trick (it's always the boys with the tricks).

Oh, to be young again.

I'm kinda glad this week has come to an end. The last few weeks have been a rough emotional ride, with some kids being seriously ill, as well as the funeral last week. One of our boys, Nghia, was so ill this week that at one point he was diagnosed with tuberculosis. False alarm, though.

Having already put one teenager through TB treatment - twice - I hope we never, ever, have to go through it again. The few hours that we believed Nghia might have TB were terrifying. Added to that was the stress of knowing that, if he had TB, quite a few of our staff and kids would also be at high risk... Me in particular.

But today Nghia was out there on rollerskates, which is a pretty amazing comeback for someone who started the week in the tuberculosis hospital.