Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gutter scum

Blue Dragon Children's Foundation is based in a neighbourhood that has a substantial drug problem. The authorities know about it, and they do what they can. We have two teenage boys currently in drug rehab. Seeing drug users shoot up is a part of our everyday life.

I don't judge drug addicts; I do believe that, unless they have a real choice in life, nobody should judge them harshly for doing what they do.

But today I am drawing a line.

Two blocks away from our center there are two ladies in their early thirties who peddle heroin on the streets. To avoid trouble with the police, they have started using a whole new strategy. They are recruiting orphan and homeless children as young as 12 to sell the drugs for them.

Last night, they beat one of their new recruits with a stick, and took a few slashes at his leg and neck with a knife. He's got plenty of deep bruises and cuts to prove it.

I don't care what kind of hardship these women have endured. I don't care what excuse they have for turning to drugs, and drug dealing, as the best choice they have in life.

Anyone who uses children to sell drugs is gutter scum. Trash.

Vietnam has zero tolerance for drugs. And the death penalty for drug trafficking.

We have started working with the police, and their response has been immediate. The dealers are still at work, but not for long. I am looking forward to the full weight of the law coming down on these animals who think that nobody cares about the kids.

More to come - watch this space.

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