Wednesday, May 02, 2007

He's in!

Our first day back after the long weekend started with some GREAT NEWS.

One of our kids, a boy named Ky, has been accepted into the KOTO training program.

Ky was a shoeshine boy for some years, and turned up at our weekly football game one Sunday in early 2005. His background is tougher than many of the kids we have met, and he's had a really difficult time over the last year and a bit. When we first knew him, his behaviour was kinda unpredictable, but we were patient and forgiving... and expected him to improve. So he did.

This latest milestone sets him on a path to develop his vocational skills over 18 months, preparing him for a career as a chef or a waiter.

Being accepted into KOTO is an accomplishment in itself. KOTO is a foreign-owned training restaurant, with limited placements and a reputation for high quality. It's almost certainly the best hospitality training organisation in Vietnam. Only one Blue Dragon kid has been accepted into KOTO before today.

And so, Ky is moving on... but never leaving. He'll move out of our residence in coming weeks, as KOTO trainees have their own accommodation. But he will still be part of our family, and I guess I'll be going to eat at KOTO more often now.


Skye said...

ya yay yay yay, I am so happy Ky got accepted!!!!! tell him I love him so much adn I am so happy for him. Loads of love from OZ, Love Skye

Anonymous said...

this is my first time here. However, I would also like to send Ky my special congratulations on his acceptance in to Koto.I have long heard about there reputation. I believe this will be a great oppurtunity for Ky.
I am really interested in the work you are doing, helping street childrens...I was wondering if there's in anyway I can help. I have had experience on relevant activities and would like to contribute more of myself.
Please reply soon!