Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ready to fly

A big day is approaching fast...

One of our young guys, named Quan, is flying to Australia mid next week with his mother.

Quan has a growth on his face that is totally harmless, health-wise, but has left him with a terrible disfigurement that is embarrassing and has already been a hindrance to him being accepted into schools.

Within coming weeks, doctors at Martyr Hospital in Brisbane will remove the growth and restore Quan's face to the way it should be.

This is hugely exciting for Quan and his family; a chance for life to get back to normal!

The photo below is of Quan and his mother with the Australian Ambassador to Vietnam, Bill Tweddell, and his wife Chris. (Oh yeah, I'm in there too, along with Blue Dragon Social Worker Phuong, and volunteer Skye).

We had afternoon tea at the Ambassador's residence as a way of marking this great step forward in Quan's life. He and his mother were treated like royalty, and left the residence with extra confidence for the journey that lies ahead.

Soon they'll be flying, for the first time in their lives, and spending the next 6 weeks in Brisbane. Skye will accompany them on the flight, and I'll meet them in Brisbane shortly after the operation.

And when we all get back: another afternoon tea with the Ambassador's family. Can't wait to blog about that one...

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