Tuesday, January 30, 2007

World peace achieved; but so what?

Forget world peace. Something much bigger happened today at Blue Dragon.

Two things, in fact. And I swear I am not exaggerating.

FIRST: Quan and his mum got a visa to go to Australia!

Quan is a wonderful, bright 15 year old boy who lives with a large tumour on one side of his face that grows visibly every month. He's been braver and bolder than most teenagers I have met, but the deformity has certainly held him back from achieving his potential. One school even refused to accept him last year.

In March, however, the tumour will be permanently removed by some BRILLIANT doctors in Brisbane. The final hurdle in this incredibly challenging marathon was obtaining a visa; today, that obstacle has been cleared.

Quan is on his way to a whole new life.

AND SECOND: Blue Dragon's lawyer, Van, travelled to the countryside to reunite a boy with his family, after FOUR YEARS on the run.

The little guy, named Dzung, says he's 14, but he can't be much older than 12. He's tiny, and has spent the past four years sleeping on the streets, in trees, and under bridges. Plus about 13 months in prison.

Tonight, he's sleeping with his family.

And Van is still in the countryside - seems the journey from Hanoi took a bit longer than expected. Or maybe the real reason is in his text message: "It's so hard to say goodbye..."

This has to be the best job on earth.


Chung Pham said...

You guys are doing better and better in runaway cases.
I don't recall that I met the runaway guy when I was in Hanoi lately.

alison said...

Wonderful to hear that Quan will be on his way!

Congratulations on all the wonderful work you do....... it does sound like you do the best job on earth!