Saturday, September 30, 2006

Twists and turns

The weekend was supposed to go like this:

On Saturday morning, I would fly to the south to meet Van, my staff member, and "Binh", the young guy who finished drug rehab and was released on Friday afternoon. I would discuss and negotiate a plan for "Binh's" return to Hanoi, then the three of us would fly back together on Sunday at lunch, in time for me to attend a meeting at our center with some of the nice folk from the Australian Embassy. All perfectly planned!

It's now Saturday night. What has actually happened is this:

On Friday night, "Binh" decided that he is not yet ready to return to Hanoi; although he had already been released, he requested another month of study in the Center and the Director agreed to re-accept him. So at 10.30pm, Van called me to say there was no need to fly down.

This morning, "Binh" returned to the Center - what a mature and brave thing to do! - and Van prepared to fly back to Hanoi early. Except... Saigon is having a typhoon, or hurricane, or something, and no flights can depart! He's trapped! And I would be, too, if I had gone.

Instead I have spent the day drinking too much coffee, swimming with the kids, and dealing with some twit who wants to blackmail me. More on that another day.

The best laid plans of mice and men...

But who cares. I am stunned at how courageous "Binh" is, and how wise, in choosing to return to a Center that limits his freedoms and makes him wear pink pyjamas 24 hours a day, because he can see that he is not yet ready to come home. He is no longer dependant on drugs.

A special THANKS to those of you who have been supportive and have expressed your concern for "Binh". I have high hopes for this kid.


Mosher said...

I just read about the hurricane/typhoon on the BBC News and the damage it's caused to the Phillipines. I hope Van and everyone else is OK and at least it seems he's too far south to suffer the worst of it - the brunt seems to be in the middle of the country. My thoughts now are really with those around Danang...

Anonymous said...

Binh is a great boy, he decided to return to the Center. I've never heard of any "drugger", who acted like him. My admiration to Binh and congratulations to the Blue Dragon staff.