Monday, August 07, 2006

Trailer Trash sets sail

From time to time, people (including my own sister!) tell me that I should include more personal info on my blog and in the Blue Dragon newsletters.

I don't write about myself, because - well, I don't aspire to being a celebrity. I am here for the kids, not for my own glorification.

But today I will tell you something that not many people have known up until now:

I used to live in a caravan. On a vacant block of land on a dirt road. With no electricity, telephone, or running water.

That's right - I'm trailer trash!

This was back when I was a teenager, and my family thought it would be a great idea to leave the city behind (I lived in Sydney for my first 12 years) and go rural.

They were tough times. Teenagers like to have - well, electricity and telephones, for example.

So why this sudden outburst of personal revelation?

In a way, I offer this insight into my own history as something of an apology, or at least an explanation. Because I am about to do something that, by my own standards, is incredibly self indulgent. Yes, I would say that I even feel a little guilty about it.

I am going sailing.

On Thursday morning, I will fly to America to meet Hugh Adams, a very good friend who used to live in Hanoi, along with his wife Susan. Hugh and Susan were among the very first supporters of Blue Dragon - even before we officially existed.

Hugh has bought a sailing boat, moored in San Fransisco, and must sail it to his home in Fiji, travelling via Hawaii.

He has asked me to accompany him on this journey.

I have never done anything like this before - unless you count a day trip on Halong Bay. I am under no illusion that this will be an easy trip, but I do expect it to be amazing.

The Pacific Ocean... peace and quiet... the sound of the waves slapping against the boat...

(To those of you thinking "Seasickness... storms... sharks..." CUT IT OUT).

Artist's impression

Believe it or not, this is not a simple decision for me to make. I'll be away from the kids for at least 2 or 3 weeks! We're a family now, how can I leave them like this?

And what about Wheels, my dog? She hates it when I go away!

And what about all the admin that I have to take care of? (Oh wait, that was one of the reasons I decided to take the trip).

But I am going. I've never done anything like this before, and most likely I never will have this chance again.

I'm going. I'm going. But I will be back.


Kathy said...

dear little brother'
never thought of myself as trailer trash before!i hope you have a great trip & if you need to justify what you are doing, its for personal growth. eliza is worried youll get LOST!

Anonymous said...

Have the BEST time Michael! I am INSANELY jealous! But you probably deserve it more than I do!!! Take lots of photos to send back to us!

Kim (stuffing 2100 envelopes in Sydney! UUUGGGHHHHHH!!!!! Throw me to the sharks would you!)